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USB interface for machines built by Mazak

The pendant mount USBCNC-MAZ allows for easy upload and download of Mazatrol files to Mazak CNC’s. Configuration for G code files is also possible. The USBCNC-MAZ device will replace the Cassette Media Tape reader, CMT. The CMT functionality is to backup and then restore programs on the Mazak control. TheThe USBCNC-MAZ device will also work with TAPE I/O, or text based EIA G-code programs, but the parameters for using the tape mode will be different from the CMT protocol.


  • • USB directory listing

    • DNC (drip feed) operation with single button repeat operation

    • Tape input for file loading into CNC memory

    • Punch CNC memory file to USB key

    • Baud rate configurable

    • Data bit, parity and stop bit configurable

    • Hardware and software flow control

    • End of block character control

    • Optional end of block delay

    • Start of transmission character

    • End of transmission character

    • 4 line LCD display with adjustable backlight for easy viewing

    • Industrial rated keypad and display