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Product Description


The universal pendant mount USBCNC-INT allows for easy upload and download of CNC g code files to just about any control. DNC functionality is built in for programs that exceed the internal memory size of a machine tool. The USBCNC disk reader control acts as an interface between commercially available USB flash memory and any CNC control with an available RS-232 port. Machine tool files can be sent from CNC memory to the USB key, USB key to CNC memory or drip fed (DNC) from the USB key. Flexible DNC firmware is built into the USBCNC unit allowing connection to just about any machine tool CNC control.


The pendant mount USB controller kit contains all the necessary hardware to integrate a universal display onto a CNC machine tool pendant. The controller is DIN rail mountable inside the pendant or can be reverse mounted on the display. The USBCNC integral DNC software eliminates having to place a computer with DNC software in a machine shop environment where it can get damaged. Many job shops try to avoid this and place their PC’s in a safer location. Doing so, however, increases the risk of communication errors and forces many operators to run at lower baud rates due to long cable runs. Positioning the USBCNC controller close to the control allows the machine to run at its maximum baud rate and eliminates an operator from having to run back and forth from PC to machine.


  • USB directory listing

    • DNC (drip feed) operation with single button repeat operation

    • Tape input for file loading into CNC memory

    • Punch CNC memory file to USB key

    • Baud rate configurable

    • Data bit, parity and stop bit configurable

    • Hardware and software flow control

    • XMODEM capable

    • End of block character control

    • Optional end of block delay

    • Start of transmission character

    • End of transmission character

    • 4 line LCD display with adjustable backlight for easy viewing

    • Industrial rated keypad and display

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