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The USBCNC-FAD-INT disk reader control is a permanently mounted interface between commercially available USB flash memory and any Fadal control using the RS-232 port located at the rear of the machine. The Fadal keyboard and monitor are used for operator interface. USB connectivity can be achieved any version of Fadal software. Baud rate changes accommodate older machines with -2 systems as well as faster baud rates for -3 and later versions. Neither software nor hardware upgrades are required on the CNC to run large files from a USB flash key. For portable applications, the USBCNC-FAD is recommended.
USB-FAD-INT  typical installation can be achieved in 30 – 45 minutes.
Commands for the USBCNC-FAD-INT follow the standard Fadal command set. The “+” key is pressed instead of the enter key to direct the USBCNC-FAD-INT to take action.
Example: Command set to run a large file names JOB2.TXT in DNC mode from a USB key.
The machine will go into waiting mode and will run the above file from USB memory when the START button is pressed.
Standard Hardware Includes:
• 8 GB USB flash key included with every unit. USB flash keys of ANY size can be used.
• USBCNC-FAD-INT enclosed in black plastic enclosure
• 15 foot USB cable
• Water proof panel mount USB plug with protective cap.
• Power plug with pigtails. The pigtail end connects to the CNC’s 5V power supply.
• Machine magnet with USBCNC-FAD-INT command set


  • The USBCNC-FAD-INT is powered by the 5 volt power supply in the control cabinet. The power plug is center positive. The white stripe on the power cable should be connected to +5 volts and the solid black wire must be connected to common on the power supply. 
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