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Product Description


The USBCNC-FAD disk reader control acts as a portable interface between commercially available USB flash memory and any Fadal control using the RS-232 port located at the rear of the machine. USB connectivity can be achieved any version of Fadal software. Baud rate changes accommodate older machines with -2 systems as well as faster baud rates for -3 and later versions. Neither software nor hardware upgrades are required on the CNC to run large files from a USB flash key. For permanently mounted applications, the USBCNC-FAD-INT is recommended.


USB installation can be achieved in minutes by performing the following steps:
1. Connect both sides of the DB25 serial cable between the USBCNC-FAD and the serial port of the Fadal CNC.
2. Connect the supplied 5V power supply to an AC power wall outlet.
3. Insert a USB key.
Commands for the USBCNC-FAD follow the standard Fadal command set. The “+” key is pressed instead of the enter key to direct the USBCNC-FAD to take action.
Example: Loads file from a USB key called into JOB1.TXT into CNC memory




Standard Hardware Includes:
• 4GB USB flash key included with every unit. USB flash keys of any size can be used.
• A 25 foot DB25 cable
• Wall plug regulated 5V power supply
• Machine magnet with USBCNC-FAD command set


Replaces AMP-0043 and AMP-0039


  • The USBCNC-FAD comes with a 120 VAC wall plug power supply.

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