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USB & Ethernet interface for machines built by Mazak


The LANUSB-MAZ controller, designed especially for Mazak CNC's, provides FTP server functionality for Mazak milling and turning centers. Files can also be transferred with a USB flash drive.


These include the T1, M1, T2, M2, M Plus, M32 and T32 that use CMT-I/O interface with Mazatrol files. The LANCNC-MAZ supports both G-code (EIA) and Mazatrol file formats.  This unique controller allows users to add an Ethernet or wireless data server at the CNC. Large files that will not fit in the memory of the CNC can be drip fed (DNC) directly from the data server. The standard capacity is 8 GB with options for additional memory storage.

The LANUSB-MAZ has been designed to operate with standard software that comes with a PC such as Internet Explorer from Microsoft. There are no additional licenses or additional interface software requirements. A programmer can simply drag and drop a file from his PC to the data server. Once loaded on the server, an operator can load the file into CNC memory or drip feed a program directly from the file server. An operator can also save a program from machine memory onto the server. The LANCNCMAZ also supports a remote request mode in which an operator can search for a file on the network and import into the local data server. There are no NC files to modify, simply look for the required file on the LANCNC screen and load. In G code mode, a search and mid-tape start function is also available providing a machine operator the ability to start at a specific location in a program file in the case of tool breakage.
The LANUSB-MAZ employes a unique design to provide network lag protection. CNC controls can be extremely sensitive to the flow of data through the RS-232 port. Any disruption to this flow can create problems in the part being machined. To protect  against this, the LANUSB-MAZ always buffers the entire program at the machine. The LANUSB-MAZ is a dedicated computer that responds immediately to changes in the data flow to and from the CNC.
Since the programs are buffered or stored on the LANUSB-MAZ,  the LANUSB-MAZ continues to run even if the network fails. If the network starts to lag or lose integrity, the LANUSB-MAZ will continue to run in real time. The SD memory card on the LANUSB-MAZ can also be removed and files can be added or removed at a PC if the network is completely down.


  • • USB directory listing

    • DNC (drip feed) operation with single button repeat operation

    • Tape input for file loading into CNC memory

    • Punch CNC memory file to USB key

    • Baud rate configurable

    • Data bit, parity and stop bit configurable

    • Hardware and software flow control

    • End of block character control

    • Optional end of block delay

    • Start of transmission character

    • End of transmission character

    • 4 line LCD display with adjustable backlight for easy viewing

    • Industrial rated keypad and display

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