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The LANUSB-FAD controller, designed especially for Fadal CNC's, provides FTP server functionality for Fadal machining centers along with USB connectivity. This unique controller allows users to add an Ethernet or wireless data server at the CNC. Program files can be sent to/from the data server and any Fadal CNC. Large files that will not fit in the memory of the CNC can be drip fed (DNC) directly from the data server OR a USB flash drive. The standard capacity is 8 GB with options for additional memory storage. ANY size USB flash drive can be used.
The LANUSB-FAD has been designed to operate with standard software that comes with a PC such as Internet Explorer from Microsoft. There are no additional licenses or additional interface software requirements. A programmer can simply drag and drop a file from his PC to the data server. Once loaded on the server, an operator can load the file into CNC memory or drip feed a program directly from the file server. An operator can also save a program from machine memory onto the server.
Commands are typed into the LANUSB-FAD controller via the Fadal machine tool pendant keypad. The file information is viewed on the monitor as if it were an integral part of the control. An active help menu displays all of the available commands, eliminating the requirement to memorize file interface commands. A search and mid-tape start function is also available providing a machine operator the ability to start at a specific location in a program
file in the case of tool breakage. Preparatory data can also be typed in prior to executing a mid-tape start. X-Modem protocol can also be selected to ensure the highest level of data integrity.
Either the SD CARD, USB DISK or FTP SERVER can be used to draw files into the LANUSB-FAD. Once the directory is displayed for a source, it becomes the default location for all future commands such as TA, DNC,PU,.......
DIR+ Displays the directory of the active selected device
DIR ?+ Displays only files that start with ?
DS+ Displays the SD card directory, SD now selected as the default source
DU+ Displays the USB directory, the USB directory is now selected as the default source
DF+ Displays the FTP server directory, FTP source is now selected as the default source
USB+ Sets the USB as the current device
SD+ Sets the SD card as the current device
FTP+ Sets the FTP servier as the current device


  • The LANUSB-FAD accepts 120VAC power input. This can be easily sourced in the control cabinet of the machine.

    • Ethernet connection using standard FTP protocol. No special software required.
    • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
    • 147.5 MHZ 32 bit embedded processor
    • Create wireless connection with off the shelf wireless access point hardware
    • DNC (drip feed) from USB or data server
    • Local connection of the server to the
    • CNC is independent from the network & eliminates risk due to network outages.
    • Panel mount USB connection
    • Commands executed from machine's pendant.
    • Mid-tape start with search function.
    • Insert preparatory data prior to DNC
    • Tape input for file loading into CNC memory
    • Punch CNC memory file to data server
    • Multiple directory file support
    • Connects to any version of Fadal CNC
    • Save and restore machine parameter and survey information.
    • Remote file server access from the CNC (option)
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