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AC Servo Amplifier


The CALAMP-7 is a universal spindle drive that can be used to replace any 40 taper spindle drive used in Fadal vertical machining centers. A selector switch is used to configure the drive HP, RPM, motor winding and encoder type.  All spindle RPM’s are supported included 7.5K, 10K and 15K. The mechanical hi/low and wye/delta versions can be used as well.


A feedback display is provided to indicate spindle drive status as well as motor RPM. Potentiometers can be used to adjust the balance signal which is critical for proper rigid tap operation.
The CALAMP-7 uses flux vector technology to tightly control the current loop of a spindle motor. A high speed DSP (digital signal processor) uses advanced math capabilities to continuously calculate flux and torque vectors in order to maintain a constant 90 degree phase shift between them. This technique allows torque control from zero speed to base speed and above. When encoder feedback is used, the shaft position data allows the CALAMP-7 to precisely control speed of an induction motor resulting in servo motor like performance critical for proper rigid tap operation.


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