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A serious performance upgrade.

The Calmotion 527F CNC Control

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Use original Fadal commands to program, operate, or service the machine.

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Upgrade to a new keyboard and panel to go along with your new control.

Pendants are shown without the standard bottom tray.

Operate the 527F with familiar screens and commands of the legacy Fadal CNC. Your existing keyboard and pendant do not need to be changed. No training is required. An enhanced keyboard and panel is available for quicker tool management, job set-up and program management.

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Getting the most out of your CNC is our focus.



We are an engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to improving the productivity of CNC machine tools. 


We offer a full set of both USB and Ethernet memory solutions to enhance the capability of any CNC machine tool. Whether you need to expand the memory of our CNC with drip feed operation or are looking for a faster way to share files with your CNC, we have a solution for you. 


Calmotion is also a proud supplier of OEM Glentek products used on machines built by Fadal Machining Centers. We have a number of direct replacements as well as newly engineered programmable amplifiers designed to meet or exceed the performance of the original amplifiers used in these machines. 


Our most recent product introduction is the 527F CNC control. The hardware has been designed to drop in as a replacement for the legacy CNC 88 family of controls. The 527F uses the same wiring harness and chassis connections as the original control which allows the installer to convert the control in minutes. The machine tool becomes more productive by minimizing time spent loading programs, improves possible feedrates that a part can be run while maintaining contouring accuracy, and features much higher block processing allowing customer to produce parts that were previously impossible to produce.

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The Calmotion 527F CNC Control is a full-featured digital control engineered with easy to use command line prompts for quick set-up and flexible operation. Based on an embedded platform and multi-processor core, the 527F uses a parallel processing control architecture to ensure the fastest control loop updates possible without the burden of an operating system.

* Fadal is a registered trade mark of Fadal Machining Centers


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Explore our cable assembly solutions for machine tool use.

We stock a number of circuit boards used in machines with machines built by Fadal Machining Centers. They include boards designed and manufactured by Calmotion as drop in replacements for legacy controls.

We are the largest stocking reseller of Glentek amplifiers including those built to Calmotion specific criteria.

We only sell Glentek motors. Made to original specifications but built with more robust components, Glentek motors run cooler and will give you longer , more reliable operation.

Calmotion offers a full line of Ethernet to CNC solutions for just about every CNC machine tool. Ethernet versions of our CNC interface devices include models specific to machines built by Fadal and Mazak.

Calmotion offers a full line of USB to CNC solutions for just about every CNC machine tool. In addition to our universal USB to CNC platform, we offer models specific to machines built by Fadal and Mazak.

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